Sleep School

Sleep is so important. We want to help you get educated about it. Here you’ll find articles with objective, up-to-date information about sleep and sleep-related related topics.


We compiled the top terms and issues associated with sleep to give a comprehensive overview of what happens in between nighttime and morning. We start by defining sleep and some common ways to diagnose a sleep disorder, and end with an exploration of the current over-the-counter drug and non-drug solutions to help you fall asleep.

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Definition of Sleep

There’s a lot we don’t know about sleep. We still don’t know, for instance, exactly why we sleep. But here’s a little of what we do know about sleep.

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Why is Sleep Important?

Sleep is vital. We know sleep impacts, and is impacted by, nearly every organ system in the human body. Here’s how sleep impacts the brain, the body, the economy, and why getting enough sleep can be a superpower.

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Cells, Chemicals, and Structures Responsible for Sleep

What exactly is going on in our brains during sleep? Here’s an overview of what we know about what happens to the brain when we sleep.

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Stages and Cycles of Sleep

Here’s an overview of the different sleep stages and how our brain wave patterns change as we sleep.

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Common Sleep Conditions

Think your sleep may be off? Here’s a list of some of the most common sleep disorders.

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Clinical Tools to Track Sleep

How do doctors identify a sleep disorder? What can you expect from the test results? Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide to common sleep tests.

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Popular Sleep Aids and their Active Ingredients

What’s in your over the counter sleep aid? Why does it work? Here's where you’ll find information on why certain active ingredients are used in the most common sleep aid products.

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Cognitive Based Therapy for Insomnia

Cognitive based therapy is supposed to be used as the first line of defense against insomnia. Here’s some of the techniques utilized and how they work.

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