Our Privacy Promise to You

You own your data. Here’s how we take care of it.

In order to give you insight into which wellness choices are working best for you, Biomarker needs to collect data. In addition to providing our core services, we use your data to personalize and improve your experience with Biomarker. We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us, and we take our responsibility to protect your personally identifiable information seriously. (To learn more, check out our Privacy Policy.)

When you sign up for Biomarker, your study pages are public by default.

Here are our three privacy promises to you:

We promise to

1. Only collect the data we need

When you register to use our app or sign up for our newsletter we’ll ask for contact information including your name, email address, and phone number. We also allow you to use third-party apps such as Facebook to log in, which requires us to import your login credentials from those sites if you opt in.

In the course of using Biomarker, you’ll also import data from other third-party sources such as your Apple Watch or Fitbit.

Our website uses cookies, small files that allow us to recognize revisits and store general information about your visit such as the site you came from, when you visited our site, and how long you stayed. We do not register your computer's IP address. We also track newsletter opens and click-throughs.

2. Never rent or sell your data

We’ll never share your personally identifiable information with any third parties without your specific and explicit consent. You’ll never end up on a mailing list you didn’t knowingly opt in to. You’ll never be added to any groups or distribution lists or see any charges on your credit card you don’t expect.

We do share de-identified data with our partners, but this information can never be connected to you personally in any way and is used to help make their products better.

3. Be good stewards of your data

We use password protection and end-to-end encryption along with other measures to ensure no one publishes, abuses, loses, erases, or shares your data with unauthorised users.

Why we share

By sharing your data with Biomarker, you enrich the global body of knowledge on wellness.

Sharing your results makes it possible us to better inform the research community and our community of users on the effects of nutrition, diet, exercise, and supplements.

Learn more

If you’d like more details about the data we collect and how we use it, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you still have questions, please reach out to support@biomarker.io.