Popular Diets, New Wearables, and Genetic Testing

Welcome back to The Wellness Report, a weekly report of what’s going on with Biomarker and what’s going on with the wellness community.


What’s going on with us?

Episode 8 of “Does it Work?”: Genetic Testing and evolution with Dr. McAllister

Ever taken a 23andme or Ancestry DNA test? Curious about how accurate those predictions are? Hear from an expert on how you can take the most advantage of your genetic data.


Does Bringing a Dog into Bed Lead to Better Sleep?

A new study claimed that sleeping with a dog in your bed provided better quality sleep than sleeping with a human or feline companion, but the study didn’t include any hard data, just self-reported. We wanted to put the claims to the test. I took the dog sleep challenge, read up on what happened here. You can join the dog sleep study by downloading biomarker!

What’s going on with wellness?

The most popular diets wealthy people want to try next year

INSIDER recently surveyed 87 individuals with an income over $100,000 to find the most popular diets were amongst wealthy people for their new years resolution. See which diets made the list.

A school that moved start times saw an increase in test scores

A study published in Science Advances shows a correlation between later school start times (8:00 and 8:30) and better testing scores. The study creators hypothesize that teens benefit from the later time to allow for better coordination with their circadian rhythms.

Omron's FDA-cleared blood-pressure watch now available to order

Omron, a large manufacturer of automatic blood pressure monitors, is releasing a new wearable wrist blood pressure tracker, set to ship next year. Read more about it here.

Surgeon General warns that vaping is now an “epidemic”

Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General issued a an advisory Tuesday, saying “we need to protect our young people from all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.”

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