Are you trying to lose weight in 2019?

Welcome back to The Wellness Report, a weekly newsletter discussing trends and products in the wellness space. With a New Year comes resolutions. Is losing weight one of yours? Read on!

Artificial sweeteners show no connection to weight loss

Many dieters try to satisfy their sugar cravings using artificial sweeteners, but a new review spanning 56 weight loss publications suggests that there is “low or very low certainty” that any of these substitutions contribute to weight loss. RIP my diet coke obsession. 

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What is a great vacation spot and the best diet? The answer to both might be Mediterranean 

A new US News report says the best overall diet for 2019 to be Mediterranean for the second year in a row. They had the country's top nutritionists, dietary consultants and physicians specializing in diabetes, heart health and weight loss rank the diets they use on ease and effectiveness. 

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A healthy gut can mean better sleep, and vice versa

Having a healthy gut microbiota is correlated with a better night’s sleep. A study out of Japan found that a probiotic supplement helped stressed students sleep better before exams. With millions of nerves in the gut, this kind of correlation seems very plausible. 

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Episode 09 of “Does it Work?”: The Philosophy of Food with Martin Cohen, Author of I Think, Therefore I Eat

Martin Cohen has been published in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Independent and is the author of several books. His latest, I THINK, THEREFORE I EAT, uses the great philosophers to help us think about what we should put in our bodies. Watch his interview on the book!

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What happens in Ketosis?

Confused about what happens to your body in ketosis? Us too. There’s a lot of conflicting articles on whether or not ketosis is beneficial to your health. Read up on the chemical pathway changes that occur when you starve your body from carbohydrates and download biomarker to test out if keto helps or hurts you!

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