Biomarker offers steeply discounted wellness products in exchange for health data. We believe everyone deserves to be well — not just the well-off. As a bonus, we help you objectively measure the impact of your nutrition, diet, exercise, supplements, and wellness choices. We gather your health markers from wearables, sensors, labs, and health apps and use data science to tell you what’s working, and what isn’t - for you.

Biomarker Wearables and Metrics

Wellness is a $3.7 trillion industry, and we think it’s far too opaque and confusing for the average consumer. Claims are easy for companies to make, but objective data is too scarce and expensive for buyers.

We provide clarity and transparency through objective data to cut through the marketing-speak and get to the truth.

Once you know more about what’s working and what isn’t for you, use us to share what you’ve learned with others. Or, keep the information to yourself. You own your data, we’re just borrowing it. You can delete, edit, and access all your information at any time. We never share your personally identifiable information with anyone, ever.

We’re a neutral platform that exists to let you evaluate health claims scientifically. We’re only as useful as our data is trustworthy. We want to earn and keep your trust.

Here’s what we promise you - we will never bury, change, or remove scientifically valid results.

We turn wellness experimenters into explorers, and health innovation explorers into influencers. We turn aggregated, anonymized individual results into massive worldwide studies which reveal the real impact of health choices on population health.

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