The Biomarker I/O Platform is a personalized health & nutrition platform that helps companies discover how their product offerings impact their buyers health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
— World Health Organization

Our Two-Part Interface


A Platform for Your Customers

An interface for a brand’s customers to sync all of their data and begin tracking the health impact of their purchases


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24/7 Continuous Monitoring

The biomarker I/O platform seeks to eliminate manual data entry by aggregating and standardizing data that consumers generate on a daily basis from their existing devices and services


Education & discovery

To ensure maximum user compliance, the biomarker I/O platform contains educational features to allow consumers to learn about different offerings and immediately track them


E-commerce & sales

In order to increase LTV and reduce churn, consumers are given the ability to purchase products from directly within the platform to begin tracking and monitoring the effects in a seamless fashion



A Platform for Your Business

An interface for your brand and employees to see how your product/service offerings are impacting  your customers health



Cohort analytics

View aggregated health data of all of your connected users, and see how different cohorts responded to product SKUs


Claims & discovery

Use cohort analytics to market your product – taking a data first approach towards product validation over claims driven marketing


Biometric retargeting

Increase ROI by retargeting customers in the application that have positively responded to your product and avoiding nonrespondents or high-risk buyers

Claims validation

Enterprise organizations can view individual SKUs and discover how Biomarker can help validate claims across each product line. Simply by utilizing hashtags similar to those seen in social media – our clients are able to see where aggregate consumer health data can validate their product utilizing their buyers health metrics. We aim to ease the ability of being able to see vast amounts of data underneath the surface through simplifying the user interface with the biomarker platform.

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N = 89,213 Customers

Device Variance = (+/-) 46%  

Impact Score = (+) 2.4% resting heart rate

Male Audience = 73%

Female Audience = 27%

Time to Validation = 121 days 

Most Popular Device = Fitbit HR 2

Least Popular Device = Polar FT80 

Median Age = 31 years old

Risk Score = 4/10

Synergistic Compounds = Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Bacopa