Assess the effects of any diet, supplement or workout and see for yourself

Interested in biomarking?


True Personalization.

On-going, adaptive, and driven by your own data, Biomarker is the engine that drives truly personalized health and wellness.

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No more guessing.

You're busy. You work hard. You do your research. Everything you do for your body should have the impact you expect. But does it? Biomarker removes the doubt.


Backed by science.

Our data science team and a panel of world-renowned medical advisors analyze millions of data points from thousands of sources to ensure results you can count on.

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Results that matter.

What works for one person or even a million other people doesn't necessarily work for you. Biomarker gives you personal results based on your own experience.


Super Food or 

Super Fad?

Be the first to put the latest foods, supplements, and exercise routines to the test. Validate or reject claims and share them with the rest of the world.


No favorites. Just facts.

Receive results the way they are. There are no favorites and no biases towards any product or brand.


See for your self.

A single mobile app that integrates with more than 400 of the most popular health trackers helps you measure the effect of any food, drink, or supplement.