3-Day Blueprint Juice Cleanse


From Episode #2 of the Does It Work Podcast
with Jeff Jureller, Head of Customer Success at Biomarker Labs

Blueprint promises to rejuvenate your body with lasting energy so it can perform all day long through their line of juice cleanses that are made from "100% natural fruits and vegetables."

We asked our Customer Success guru Jeff Jureller to eat nothing and just drink juice for three days for the Keep It 100 cleanse: "You’re sweet enough. Tighten the belt on sugar with this delicious cleanse pack that comes in at less than 100g of sugar per day."

How did it work? Let’s talk.

Welcome to the second episode of the Does It Work? podcast by Biomarker Labs, where you can find wellness without the woo.

Here I'm talking with Jeff about what the cleanse did to his mind, body, work performance, and social life. Stay tuned for what our data science team found it did. Would you like to assess the effect of a juice cleanse or any other wellness improvement on your self? Biomarker.io is an app that connects with your wearables to let you know how well your wellness choices are working for you. Sign up to beta test at biomarker.io. Or email me at cathy@biomarker.io.

Music credit: Eli Carlton-Pearson http://psdspmusic.com/