About Us


We believe in data-driven validation

Built by engineers, MD’s and data scientists, Biomarker is focused on ending the confusion and second guessing that consumers face when deciding what supplements to take and which brands to buy from. 


Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in providing transparency and trust through data. With Biomarker, you can seamlessly streamline your health data from practically any wearable, sensor, lab or health app available to measure any supplement brand on the market. Biomarker’s core engine handles the analysis through AI and let’s you know if something works or when it’s time to change things up.


Our Thesis

The global supplement industry is vast, valued at over $131B in 2018, and is undergoing a massive transition towards personalized product offerings as a cornerstone of their marketing efforts. The problem? As personalized as each brand claims to be, their personalization stops AFTER consumers buy their product(s). At Biomarker, we don't see this as true personalization. We believe that true personalization is on-going, adaptive, and driven by your own data. With the Biomarker platform, we aim to be the engine that drives the personalized nutrition & supplement industry. How? By being open source: Users don’t have to change their current products or tools. They integrate the brands, tools, and products that they currently use to buy smarter and see what actually works with Biomarker.


Our Team


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