Biometric Based Supplement Validation

Prove product efficacy using existing digital health data. 

Validate and Differentiate

Biomarker analyzes and aggregates the digital health, genetic, biometric, and lifestyle data of your users to validate product efficacy and show performance over time. Instead of relying on the same non-proprietary data and research as other supplement manufacturers,  track your customer's autonomic responses to your supplements and generate your own verifiable product claims.

Increase Customer Retention and Value

When your customers are able to see your products working, their loyalty and confidence in your brand is strengthened, ultimately lowering your customer acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value. The Biomarker platform allows 1-on-1 engagement with your customers at a biometric level.

How It Works


Customers can sign up or be enrolled automatically. A simple intake form is used to build their profile.


Integrate with over 300 wearable devices, mobile health apps, and digital health records to begin aggregating biometric data.


Validate efficacy through biometric analytics, send supplement reminder notifications, and suggest new products.

Biometric Analytics for your Products

 A business analytics tool provides insights into how your customers interact with your website. Biomarker provides insights into how your product interacts with your customers. We help ensure that you accurately communicate how specific initiatives have impacted customer wellness, performance, and overall experience against organizational goals.

Quantitative Metrics

No more reliance on marketing claims. Validate your product efficacy with actual user data.


Biometric Marketing

Market products to users based on their digital health data and response to your supplements.

Novel Discovery

Use deep-learning to unveil hidden trends in your product line and optimize internal strategy.


Customer Dashboard

Users can access all there information in one place - performance, mood, and biometric data, all beautifully displayed.


Supplement/Product Wiki

Provide your customers with dynamic content to further explore your products.


Company Admin Portal

Empower your corporate strategy through actionable insights by leveraging customer trends and metrics.


Collaborate with our neuroscience partners to design and deploy specific Cognitive Behavioral Tests.


Product Marketplace

Driven by Biometric Matching, your supplements will  be available for in-app purchase.



Designed to reflect your brand and customized to meet your company’s needs.

Our Partners

We are honored to have attracted some of the most influential accelerator and incubator partners including 500 Startups and EvoNexus.