Your Supplements, Demystified

Biomarker is a health platform that uses your health data to find out if and when supplements help


Personalized Supplementation for Everyone

At Biomarker, we use your existing health data to provide real-time, data-driven supplement insights and recommendations. The goal? To help you find out if and when any supplement(s) are actually helping you reach your goals. 


As Users Learn from Biomarker,

Biomarker Learns from Users.

No two people react to supplements in the same way. That's why Biomarker measures users' symptoms, health metrics and an array of contextual information about their supplements to figure out precisely what's working, who to buy from and where to get it. Building on these insights, our models help every supplement user buy smarter - without ever second-guessing what they should take.



Just the supplement(s) you need,

exactly when you need them.

Biomarker calculates each users optimal supplement regimen and predicts how they will react to future ingredients. Supplements from different brands are then intuitively recommended to users based on their individual needs. This results in better health outcomes, saving money and better decision making for all buyers. 



Seamless Data Collection

The Biomarker platform is built across hundreds of industry standard APIs, which means easy integration of deep learning algorithms. The architecture makes integration with any wearable, fitness app, blood test or medical record system simple, allowing users to have their account up and running within minutes.