Discover How Your Supplements are Working

Use your existing data to validate the impact that supplements have on your performance and well being.

Don’t waste time and money on supplements that aren’t effective.

Data fragmentation, unfounded marketing claims, and lack of personal efficacy validation are all problems within the supplement industry. Biomarker’s digital health platform gives you the ability to leverage your own health data for self optimization.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your health.

Biomarker’s digital health platform tracks the supplements you take and over time shows you how your dietary choices actually affect you, empowering you to optimize your wellness and supplement routine.  Biomarker integrates and analyzes your existing apps and services and beautifully displays your progress in granular detail.

Introducing Biomarker:

Biomarker Features
Optimize Your Performance
See what works, ditch what doesn't and become the best version of yourself.
Integrate With over 300 Devices and Apps
Using your existing devices and apps, record autonomic responses to consumed supplements.
Beautifully Visualize Your Body's Metrics
See all of your information in one place - performance, mood, and biometric data, all beautifully displayed.
Use Real Data and Real Science
No more relying on false advertising or anecdotal evidence. Real data and science tells you what works.
Discover New Supplements
Our comprehensive database helps you find new supplements that may be efficacious.
Available on Any Device
Biomarker can be accessed at any time on any computer, phone, or tablet with web access.

A Few of Our Integrations

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